The Baptist Review Media Collective

This is the official media hub for the Baptist Review. Here you will find resources from our ministry partners.

Check out the list! We will be adding to it as we grow. We hope they bless you as much as we have been blessed by them.


The B.A.R. Podcast

The B.A.R. stands for Biblical and Reformed. This is a podcast that looks at the world with a biblical worldview and reformed theological perspective examining current events as well as interviewing great guests. Exposing our audience to sound biblical doctrine and theology.


Not Another Baptist Podcast

Kyle is the pastor of FBC Alamogordo, Matt is the pastor of Mayhill Baptist, and both are husbands, fathers, and have a love for all things church revitalization, church planting, and other topics of the Southern Baptist variety...this is their story, this is their podcast.


The Potluck Podcast: Southern Baptist Conversations

A Southern Baptist Podcast hosted by Jared Cornutt, JR Parks, and J. Allen Murray. Episodes dealing with SBC life and issues, and southern culture too.


This Is For Your Joy

This Is For Your Joy is a podcast designed to help Christians enjoy Christ in everyday entertainment by discussing the theology in film, music, and culture.